A great Charity Spa Event at the YVR SkyTeam Lounge on May 28, 2019!   For a Tuesday afternoon we did our best and this is merely a "seed" planted to continue to grow and funnel the much needed proceed to go towards the right cause that feels right and on time. 


Why do all proceeds go to "BC Woman's Health Foundation" ? For one, 70% of patients with ‘medically unexplained symptoms’ are women, and super important to support these local unsung heros.   


Stay tuned for more Selfology Hexagram Space events in the very near future! 


Coming to airports near us all. 

The Charity Event



May 28  2019

YVR Skyteam lounge 



On Tuesday May 28, 2019, Selfology is bringing a specially curated Selfology Hexagram Space to the SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver YVR airport, where One can discover their Self Ecology Mapping Sign, and enjoy award winning spa experiences, in the Hexagram Space edition, while we show case our beloved supernatural Westcoast resources to your Self-Ecology (自我生態®) -- Seaflora will bring fresh harvests to show you just how quickly natural seaweed gels can be absorbed by your body, while also trying out their proprietary and minimally processed pure seaweed ingredients for you to feel and experience true “thalassotherapy”, and how Selfology Hexagram Space is currently working hard to create perfect care products based on a prescription formulation that works for each of the SEM Signs.  It’s an on-going endeavour and we look-forward to any feedback and support.




What is the Self Ecology Map ? 


How many SEM Signs (Body Types or Self-Ecology 自我生態®) are there today?




According to advanced Chinese Medicine researches and discoveries from the past twenty years, scientists have currently mapped out nine types of body (we think of it as Self-Ecology) - and these findings are being studied as standard TCM curriculums today.   We hope to bring this evolving knowledge to the Selfology Community, a place where we explore all possibilities, minding Oneness. 


This new way of thinking of self has helped influence the methodologies and spirituality at selfology, creating our mantra, Reach by Hand, Heal by Heart, Evolving the Way with Ways.  


Selfologists will perform Selfology Spa treatments influenced by the Self Ecology Mapping theories at the Hexagram Space. 


Using your SEM Sign as a starting point, your Selfologist can help you discover your mix of  thalasso-apothacary ingredients - your specific blend that can quickly adapt to your ever changing conditions with the seasons*. 



Superfamily loves the Supernatural Westcoast


We would love to show case our beloved supernatural Westcoast Canada, and also to save the forest while we are at it (forest.selfology.com – see the link for more information)


Merging One with Thalasso and Apothecary and all such precious resources from the ecology towards the self-ecology will evolve One to love more deeply. 


During the event, Seaflora will showcase the purest ingredients you can find on Earth, used by their twenty-years professional spa only Seaweed Skincare line - their leaders will share stories on how wild organic seaweed are harvested, the bioavailability of seaweeds, and why Seaweed serum is the best carrier for medicinal-ingredients now legal in Canada, and on how to read between the ingredient lines when you choose a care product.



We Are Blessed To Be Enabled To Give


All proceeds will go towards the charity BC Woman’s Hospital Foundation to support their proprietary researches, as various members of the Selfology Superfamily are deeply thankful for the World-Class experiences received from the pass many years, and here we are enabled another way to give-back with our Heart Art and Hands. 












BC Women’s Health Foundation


BC Women’s Health Foundation is dedicated to advancing the full spectrum of women’s health in BC so that all women, across all life stages, have equitable access to the highest quality healthcare when, where and how they need it.  To find out more about our bold and dynamic vision of healthy women everywhere, capable of anything, visit bcwomensfoundation.org.


Healthy Women. Healthy Communities.


BC Women’s Hospital Foundation facilitates strategic investment in capital + equipment, research + innovation, education + awareness, and advocacy with their women’s health partners. 


Women do not have equal access to quality healthcare which has innumerable negative impacts on the health of our families and communities.


The Foundation will insist that women and newborns have access to the highest quality healthcare when, where, and how they need it.


We deliver impact by facilitating strategic philanthropic investment in

Capital + Equipment - Funding the needs of physicians, researchers and patients to ensure access to the cutting edge technology, facilities and resources they require. 


Research - Supporting the identified need for women’s health research that ensures early adoption of the best technologies that improve health.


Education + Awareness - Amplifying the voices of those who need to be heard by providing access to the tools and resources that promote women’s wellness.


Advocacy - Shining a light on the gender inequity, disrespect and discrimination that women experience in accessing healthcare.  



Join us in changing the tide on women’s health. 




Did You know?


• Women are 3x more likely than men to experience barriers to accessing mental

healthcare, yet experience depression twice as often as men


• Women are 2x more likely to experience chronic pain than men yet their reports of pain are also more likely to be dismissed


• 70% of patients with ‘medically unexplained symptoms’ are women and these are often incorrectly assigned to a psychological origin


CBD & Seaweed  Massage Oil

CBD & Seaweed Massage Oil

See Link

70% of Patients

70% of Patients "with medically unexplained symptons" are woman.

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Hexagram Space [SHS]




Event Media


Selfology Charity Spa Event at YVR SkyTeam Lounge
2019 MAY 28 @ YVR Vancouver 

Event Video (Draft)


Selfology Charity Spa Event at YVR SkyTeam Lounge
2019 MAY 28 @ YVR Vancouver 

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《  Dr. Kevin Sheu MD 許凱昱醫學博士 》

許凱昱醫學博士 (Dr Kevin Sheu MD),20年臨床行醫經驗,有豐富醫學美容和注射經驗。 榮獲英屬哥倫比亞大學理學生物化學榮譽學士、亞伯達大學醫學博士;持有加拿大和美國醫學會家醫資格證書和台灣醫師資格證書。


專業注射項目:肉毒桿菌注射、玻尿酸皮下填充、PDO 埋線提拉。

Keratin Smooth Hair Repair Treatment w/ Real Silk Protein SILK 蠶絲「角蛋白」髪質矯正

by Cezanne Keratin Treatment, a “MediHair” Experience

Venus Viva™NanoFractional Radio Frequency 【納米飛梭電波】

萬象更新,駐顔有術 春節低調變美
Venus Viva™NanoFractional Radio Frequency

《 SELFOLOGY® OVARY CARE 》 《 自我生態®子宮卵巢保養 》 

Selfology’s multi-faceted Ovary care program is designed to boost one’s overall vitality through the focus on ovaries care. A combination of thoughtful methodologies that includes hormonal balancing, vitality/fertility acupressure massages, herbal-compress packets specifically made for this ovary care program (by Dr. emily Liu and the Superfamily Team), herbal oral medication, and ovary care focused acupuncture.

《 Dr. Emily Liu 劉少艾中醫學教授 》

Dr. Emily Shao Ai Liu earned her doctorate (Dr. TCM) in China and is a registered RTCMP in the province of British Columbia, Canada. She obtained her PHD and Masters Degrees at the Beijing University of TCM with specialization in Acupuncture and Diagnosis of CM.

She has taught Acupuncture and Clinical fieldsat (MSU) University and currently teaches Internal Medicine, Diagnosis of CM and Herbal formula courses at ICTCMV and VCC (PCU) colleges in the Lower Mainland. Her student graduates have flourishing and very successful clinical practices in Canada and countries around the world. With 20 years of clinical experience and a passion to continually improve her knowledge and skills, Dr. Liu is a leader in the field who provides reliable, trustworthy consultation and treatment.

She specializes in areas of Dysautonomia, Pain Syndromes, Cerebral Disease, Digestive system disorders, Gynecology and infertility.

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